Torrington Parkinsons Support Group

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Friday05 June 2020

Who We Help

Why choose us?Those who have Parkinsons disease, their caregivers, family, friends, and other interested parties

How We Help

How It Work?By providing education, resources and support for our Parkinsons community

What We Do

AdvantagesWe fill a local need for new information on and solutions related to Parkinson's disease.

What We Are

Best SupportWe provide non-biased, non-partisan support and education for those effected by Parkinsons disease.

Monthly Meeting

Our Events
July 27 2019 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
The Sullivan Senior Center, 88 East Albert Street, Torrington, CT - 88 East Albert St., Torrington, CT

Susan Lather from Hartford HealthCare Information and Referral Center in Vernon, Connecticut will speak about "Connecting with Services."  In addition Bob Pirla from TAPSG  will discuss DBS from a patient's perspective.


Montly meetings include a speaker, a care giver support group and a Parkinson's exercise session.


All are welcome to join us.



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Greater Torrington Area Parkinsons Support GroupThe Mission of the Torrington Area Parkinson’s Support Group is to maximize strength, minimize disability and achieve and maintain full potential of people with Parkinson’s and their caretakers.