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Tuesday11 August 2020

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Alpha Delta Kappa

Category : Walk In The Woods
Organization / individual type : Individuals
Team Leader Susan Pelchat
Alpha Delta Kappa
356 Pumping Station Road
United States
Promoter team Click here to see other team by this promoter
Donor Info Amount Date
test vest  $ 100.00 07-28-2020
Team Member 1 Name Extra Large
Team Member 1 Name one
Team Member 1 Name small
Team Member 1 Name add team member
Team Leader Amount Team Leader Contribution Amount Enter Below
Team Member 1 Amount 25.00
Team Member 2 Name two
Team Member 2 Amount 35.00
Team Member 3 Name three
Team Member 3 Amount 45.00
Team Leader Amount Team Leader Contribution Amount Enter Below
Team Leader Contribution 100.00


Team end on

  • Alpha Delta Kappa

    Posted on 2017-08-10

    Walk in the Woods for Parkinson's


Team created on

 $ 100.00
raised of  $ 20,000.00
Days left

Funding type: Donation

This project end date is: 09-28-2020
Team Leader

Susan Pelchat
Alpha Delta Kappa
Promoter other team

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